Hot Tip for Dems In the Midterms: People Like Sex

And many of us like it better without consequences.

Taru Anniina Liikanen


Photo by Romi Yusardi on Unsplash

Looking at the results from last Tuesday’s constitutional referendum initiative that searched to outlaw abortion in Kansas, it’s pretty clear that the midterms will be defined in large part by this topic.

If a deep-red state like Kansas overwhelmingly supports abortion rights, just like opinion polls have shown most people in the US do, maybe it calls for a new in strategy in the midterms to get a couple more seats in Congress. Or at least not lose everything.

So Dems, may I suggest: let’s talk about sex, baby.

Yes, I want to see every Democrat from Bernie Sanders and Katie Porter to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Manchin get on their Salt-N-Pepa and talk about some good, old-fashioned banging.

I’m only half-joking.

Just don’t do it in a creepy way, Joe.

Sex Without Consequences? Sign Me Up

I get that many people plan on voting for Republicans, because the Dems aren’t exactly great with some things.

So far, they haven’t provided enough results for their own voters. Also, they’re often bad at messaging, and seem more elitist than anything else to huge chunks of the population. And what about taxes? Nobody wants to pay taxes.

In the last couple of years, it looks like the crazy Evangelists have taken over the GOP and SCOTUS. They’re slowly extending their grip on power and turning parts of the United States into a theocracy. It’s easy, because people don’t really care about most political issues, and lots of people don’t vote.

But now, there’s a new way to motivate them, because the number one goal of the ultra-right Christians in the GOP has been to take away women’s rights, and those of everyone else who doesn’t look and act exactly like them.



Taru Anniina Liikanen

Stand-up comedian and recovering political ghostwriter. Finnish by birth, porteña at heart. Bad jokes frequent.