Sanna Marin, the Coolest World Leader, Is At It Again

Finland’s young Prime Minister is caught in yet another ridiculous scandal.

Taru Anniina Liikanen


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I really don’t want to do this again. I mean, I do, because stories about Sanna Marin are often my biggest earners.

Also, if I don’t do this, you’re probably just going to read a lot of stories by non-Finnish and male writers about it, and there are probably going to be some really bad takes in there.

But I do wish I had no story to write. It’s degrading, and stupid.

The Party Politician

So, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is in the news again. The 37-year-old Prime Minister, also sometimes referred to as the coolest world leader, was out partying in Helsinki.

She apparently finished the night at someone’s apartment, singing and dancing with famous and semi-famous personalities from the world of entertainment and social media.

The problem is, there were videos on social media about it. Someone leaked them to the media and a filthy tabloid made a compilation, where Marin is seen partying and singing to the music. She doesn’t seem particularly drunk, at least by Finnish standards.

To be clear, it’s not like this is in the Boris Johnson category. It’s also not comparable to, say, the birthday party Argentinian president Alberto Fernández’s (notably younger, in true Peronist fashion) wife had while the rest of the country was in a strict lockdown.

Finland is open now, it’s summer and people are going to concerts and festivals. Everyone is allowed to go out, politicians included. No rules were broken.

Were There Drugs?

Now, because this was obviously not big and scandalous enough of a scoop, the filth rag Iltalehti that came out with the videos also speculated about what this group was singing.

Were they singing about jallujengi, which would refer to an alcoholic beverage and, apparently, the actual song they were singing? Or are they saying jauhojengi, which could refer to powders, or drugs? Never mind that the term jauhojengi is not part of any known drug slang in Finnish.



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