Thanks, Guys — I’m a Feminist Writer

I didn’t want to brag about my Top Writer status, but here we are.

Taru Anniina Liikanen


Just before Christmas, I was about to edit my profile when I noticed a message I’d never seen before.

“Top Writer in Feminism.” Oh boy.

I hate it when people brag about being 10x Top Writer. Nobody cares.

But I have to admit it does feel nice when you get it.

Now, I had no idea I could be a Top Writer in feminism, of all the possible Medium tags. I do consider myself a feminist, of course, but there’s no way I thought I was a feminist writer.

It’s a category with some amazing competition here on Medium. I also haven’t even tried to get on the feminist publications, because I don’t think I have a shot when I have just over 300 followers.

The Men Behind the Success

Behind every successful woman, there’s a long line of men who say they’re better at what she does. — Ancient proverb I just made up

I’ve turned off the email notifications on my stories because they give me anxiety, so I didn’t get the email notifying me of my newly earned Top Writer badge. This is why I also



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