Why Do Female Comedians Have to Do So Many Sex Jokes?

I have a filthy mouth and a couple of theories.

Taru Anniina Liikanen
5 min readApr 27, 2022
This is me, talking about my breasts, believe it or not. it is very serious business. Image by author.

“Not another female comic doing sex jokes.” — Man watching any female comic.

I’ve only been doing standup for a little while, but I’ve been a firm follower of this particular art form for years. And in the past decade or so, I’ve watched a real surge of interesting female comedians who have become major stars. It feels fresh and different.

I’ve also had lots of conversations about comedy with people I know, both men and women. Not everyone agrees with my assessment.

“Her special is okay, but why does she have to be so filthy?”

This is something I’ve heard quite often when talking about people like Ali Wong, Amy Schumer or Nikki Glaser. And sure, there’s a lot of talk about genitalia and sexual experiences in these women’s comedy.

But is it too much? And why is it female comedians have to do so many sex jokes?

I have a couple of theories. And a filthy mouth, sorry.

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